First of all, what is the TPD?

TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive. It is a body of legislation that will apply across the European Union regulating the sale, manufacture and distribution of tobacco products. As vapers, we are particularly interested in article 20 of the TPD, this is the bit that relates to e-cigarettes. And yes, the EU considers your e-cigarette to be a tobacco product.

At the time of writing, the TPD came into effect in May 2016, and all vaping products must be compliant by May 2017.

For the record, we doe not agree that implementing article 20 of the TPD will make e-cigarettes safer or reduce harm from tobacco use.  We believe that e-cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives and reduce the financial burden placed on individuals and healthcare systems around the world as a result of tobacco related illnesses. We feel that many aspects of article 20 are heavy handed, and that others are completely illogical. We are concerned that article 20 could make e-cigarettes more expensive a less readily available to smoking looking to quit.

However, we are encouraged by the UK Government’s minimal approach to the implementation of article 20, and by Public Health England’s statement saying that “E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and could be prescribed on the NHS in future.”

Let’s take a closer look at how the TPD will affect vaping.

Every e-cigarette kit, tank, cartridge and nicotine containing e-liquid will need an ECID number to be placed on the market within the European Union. To get an ECID, products must be tested and analyzed to make sure they comply with article 20 of the TPD and are safe to use. ECIDs will be issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.

E-Liquid with Nicotine:
All nicotine containing e-liquid will be limited to 10ml bottles and 20mg nicotine strength. Also, it is predicted that the cost of nicotine containing e-liquid will rise following the implementation of the TPD. This is because all e-liquid manufacturers will have to get an ECID for every flavour in every strength. The cost of getting one e-liquid ECID is predicted to be between £3000 and £10000. This additional cost is likely to be passed onto the consumer.

E-Liquid without Nicotine:
Nicotine free e-liquid is not affected by the TPD.

Flavour Concentrates:
Flavour concentrates are not affected by the TPD.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine:
PG and VG are not affected by the TPD.

Nicotine Concentrate:
The TPD rules clearly state that nicotine containing liquid can only be sold to consumers in 10ml bottles and can be no stronger than 20mg. We will provide ‘Nicotine Shots’ for those vaping at 6mg or less. We sell these nicotine shots at the lowest price possible.

E-Cigarette Kits:
Any e-cigarette kit containing a tank and/or e-liquid will need to be tested and receive an ECID as a kit. It is likely that kits will become less common and individual items will be sold separately.

Batteries and Mods:
Batteries and mods do not need ECIDs unless they are part of a kit. However, the advertising of batteries and mods is restricted.

Pre-filled cartridges will still be available as long as they hold no more than 2ml of e-liquid.

Like cartridges, tanks will be limited to a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Also, they will need to have a ‘leak free’ filling system. This issue of ‘leak free’ filling systems was a concern to vapers and manufacturers when first announced, but it appears that many top-fill tanks will be compliant with this regulation.

Coil Heads:
Coil heads will be tested as part of the tank. If the tank meets the TPD requirements then the coil heads for that tank will be available for sale. If a tank has coil heads in multiple resistances, then each resistance will need to be tested.

RTAs as we know them are likely to disappear from the market as it is impossible to test a tank that has no coil and wick installed. However, it is likely that RTAs will start to be manufactured with rebuildable coil heads. This allows the products to be tested and vapers to make their own coils.

Unfortunately, RDAs are unlikely to meet the requirements of the TPD as they do not have leak free filling systems. It appears that RDAs will no longer be legally available in the EU after May 2017.

Battery Cells:
High drain battery cells are not affected by the TPD.

Wicks and Wire:
All types of wire and wicking materials are not affected by the TPD.

As with any piece of legislation, the TPD could be changed or updated in the future. ELFC will always try to keep our customers informed about any regulation change that could affect our services or the vaping industry.

Nicotine Shots & Us

When you buy e-liquid from us, we will supply you with a certain amount of e-liquid based on the amount of nicotine you request.  You will receive between 1 & 4 nic shots depending on the strength of nicotine you require.  When you receive your order (with nic shot(s)), simply fill up your e-liquid bottle with the provided nicotine shot.  If there is any nicotine left, throw it away.See the table below.

Bottle Size (ml) 0mg Nicotine 3mg Nicotine 6mg Nicotine
30ml 30ml Juice 26ml Juice & 4ml Nicotine 22ml Juice & 8ml Nicotine
50ml 50ml Juice 42ml Juice & 8ml Nicotine 34ml Juice & 16ml Nicotine
100ml 100ml Juice 83ml Juice & 17ml Nicotine 66ml Juice & 34ml Nicotine