DDW Clouds E-Liquid Calculator!

Enter the amount of E-liquid you wish to make in the top box. Flavouring %, this is personal choice, we recommend concentrates are mixed at 15-20%, as a guide start at 15% & work upwards to taste. Nicotine Concentration, our nicotine shots are 18 mg/ml, check your bottle for other manufacturer levels & adjust accordingly.

Desired Concentration, is your preference on Nicotine Strength i.e. 3mg, 6mg, 12mg etc. Hit Calculate & your measurements will be listed under the recipe.

Steeping is again a personal choice, most of our fruit flavours are good to go straight away, but oxidising the liquid over a few days will help improve the flavour. To get the best flavour out of the liquid, shake the bottle, then crack open the seal, squeeze a bit of fresh air in to oxidise the juice, then replace the cap & give it a good shake, or leave in a safe place (i.e. a dark cool cupboard) with the lid off for a few days.


User Input

Total E-Liquid to Produce: ml
Flavour Percentage: %
Nicotine Concentration: mg/ml
Desired Concentration: mg/ml



Ingredient ml
 PG/VG Nicotine:
 PG/VG Base (No Nicotine):
 * Drops are an estimation. 20 drops of water from a dropper equals approximately 1ml.