What’s the difference between an e-cig and a vaporiser?
Conventional e-cigarettes are designed to look like a regular cigarette, and effectively mimic the combustion of a cigarette; that is, the feel of the tobacco burning. Vaporisers, on the other hand, use vapour from a liquid instead, meaning there’s typically less of a “throat hit”. Vaporisers can create much bigger clouds than typical e-cigarettes, depending on their build.
What is a mod?
Mods are usually bigger and more complex than e-cigarettes and vape pens. They take their cue from the traditional vape pen style, but are often modified with additional features, like larger batteries, high-capacity tanks to store more e-liquid, or atomisers that can supply a higher wattage. Box mods are a popular pick with seasoned vapers.
How do I ‘smoke’ an e-cigarette?
Vaping is a little different to traditional smoking:
  1. Firstly, you need to warm up your mod. Once you’ve fully charged the battery and screwed in the e-liquid cartridge, you can take a few “primer puffs” on the end of the mouthpiece by closing off the airflow and using the device without pressing the power button. Don’t expect any vapour to come out at this stage, though; you’re just helping the air flow into the device.
  2.  Once your e-cig is ready, it’s time to find your “sweet spot”. Start on a lower wattage and work your way up until the taste is to your liking.
  3. There are two main ways to use an e-cigarette: Direct lung (DL) and Mouth to Lung (MTL). MTL is more similar to the way you would have smoked a traditional cigarette, where you draw air through the mouthpiece, into your mouth then inhale once finished. DL is where you inhale straight into your lungs without collecting vapour in your mouth and is for people who are used to vaping and want more clouds. Effectively you leave your airways open for DL whereas it’s closed for MTL.


What is an eLiquid?
eLiquid (also commonly referred to as “e-juice”, "e-liquid", “juice”, “oil”, or simply “liquid”) is what an electronic cigarette uses to create vapour. The heating element or coil in the e-cig vapourises the liquid and creates an inhalable vapour or mist. The main purpose of this is to deliver nicotine without any burning, smoke, or inhaling the harmful chemicals usually associated with conventional cigarettes.
What are the ingredients that make up an eLiquid?
The two main ingredients in your e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). eLiquid also usually contains nicotine and some sort of flavouring and there are a large variety of different flavours to choose from. You can have varying levels of PG, VG and nicotine in your liquids, generally depending on the vendor or manufacturer you purchase your liquid from.
What does changing the PG/VG mix do?

Changing the ratio of PG to VG in the liquid depends on the setup you have, as most are only suitable for one or the other.

  • To get a throat hit – a kick at the back of the throat which ex-smokers crave – use a high PG liquid.
  • For a smooth flavour – use a high VG liquid to get a smoother feeling on the throat. If the flavour feels muted, use more power to produce more vapour
  • For stealth vaping – high PG liquids produce less vapour when exhaled, which can keep vaping low key.
  • Cloudchasers – use as high a VG level as possible to produce dense clouds of vapour. 


What are Shortfills?

Shortfills are large, typically 50ml or 100ml bottles of 0mg (nicotine-free) liquids that can be used in your e-cigarette kit. Shortfill bottles are slightly larger than necessary to allow adding an extra nicotine shot to your juice.

What are Nicotine Shots?

Nicotine shots, sometimes referred to as ‘nicotine boosters’ or ‘nic shots’ are 10ml bottles of 18mg/ml nicotine e-liquid (like this PlusNic 18mg Nicotine Shot) that you can add to your shortfill to create the desired nicotine strength in your liquid. In the example below, we will be showing how to achieve a 3mg/ml nicotine strength – depending on the size of your shortfill bottle, you may need an extra one or two nic shots.

50ml shortfill e-liquid in a 60ml bottle: add 1 nicotine shot to create an end product of 60ml 3mg/ml.

– 100ml shortfill e-liquid in a 120ml bottle: add 2 nicotine shots to create an end product of 120ml 3mg/ml.

How do I mix shortfills & nicotine shots?

Mixing guides for shortfills can usually be found on labels, or under Peel & Reveal stickers, but we have included a general guide below: 

  1. Ensure you are adding a nic shot to a 0mg, non-nicotine base liquid, then check the guidelines above to determine how many nic shots you will need to add to reach desired strength.
  2. Remove cap and nib from non-nicotine base liquid. A pair of non-slip gloves and/or a small tool to lever the nib off will help with this.
  3. Remove the cap and tamper seal from the nicotine shot, and slowly squeeze the contents of the bottle into your non-nicotine base, being careful to ensure no spillages. Wash hands thoroughly with warm water if any spillages do occur.
  4. Once nicotine shot has been fully decanted into non-nicotine base, replace the nib, removing any temporary silicone seals that were present, ensuring it makes a solid seal.
  5. Replace cap, and shake bottle by hand thoroughly for ten minutes to ensure full mixture of both liquids.

General Questions

What is Vaping?
The term “vaping” comes from the vapour that is inhaled when you smoke using an electronic cigarette or box mod. The vapour itself is typically produced by e-liquid, though it can come from other materials like concentrates and dry herbs. Vaping is a great way to get a nicotine fix without needing to smoke a traditional combustible cigarette.
I’m a beginner. What vaping gear should I use?
If you’re new to vaping, you’ll need an e-cigarette, a charger for the battery and some e-liquid. For first-time vapers, it’s important that you go for an affordable mod that’s reliable, too. We would recommend a starter kit if you’re brand new to vaping. The Aspire PockeX is a great place to start your journey in vaping. Aspire is one of the main producers of e-cigarette devices and coils for the market.

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